Australian Shepherds affectionately called "Aussies" were developed to
herd livestock and work as all-purpose farm and ranch dogs. While
many Aussies continue to work as stock dogs, the breed has earned
recognition in a variety of other roles because of there high intelligence,
train ability and eagerness to please. Australian Shepherds also work
as Search and Rescue Dogs, Therapy and Hearing Dogs, and Drug
Detection Dogs. They become highly regarded for their skills in the
competitive sport of Obedience, Herding,  Agility and Fly Ball. But most
of all, they are beloved loyal family companions....
Most Aussie's are very energetic dogs that require daily exercise to
keep them healthy and happy. Running playing with children or
another dog, retrieving a ball or Frisbee, swimming, hiking, a trip to the
park or participating in other activities are just some of the ways to give
your Aussie the exercise it needs. All of us are not blessed with a large
farm to live on, but the Aussie is adaptable to suburban or town life
providing they are rigorously exercised on a daily basis. It is your
responsibility to keep your Aussie safe. When your Aussie is not
supervised, he or she should be confined to your home or a fenced
area. Your dog should never be allowed to run loose or roam as it
could be injured or killed.

Aussie's need a "job" to be a welcome family member. Without a focus
or job, they can become destructive to property. Aussie's have a great
need to please their owners and are easily trained. They are loyal,
devoted, loving family members, and blend equally as well into the
home and family as they do out in the field working stock, doing agility
trials, service, therapy work and/or the show ring.

Over all the Australian Shepherd Breed is one of the most diverse of all
the working dog breeds and are an asset to any family.